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The Greenwood Wind Turbine

3D animation of a new efficient energy concept


Adrian Dodds was exceptional in every aspect of my project and I anticipate a long working relationship with his company. Warren Greenwood, Soil Hill Quarries Yorkshire Ltd
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Project requirements

The animation needed to show how the wind turbine works, and to explain how it addresses some of the drawbacks of existing technology. The client chose Into Reality because we immediately grasped the principles.

The challenge

The project was time critical. The challenge was to create the design from patent application sketches and a detailed written description.

The result

The wind turbine was photo-montaged into its initial proposed location. The animation clearly demonstrated how it works and explained the benefits.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • 3D animation

  • Photo-montage of wind turbine into its proposed location

  • Photographs

  • Marketing text throughout the presentation

  • Duration 2 minutes 15 seconds

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