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ICM-2 Particle Monitoring Device

A series of 3D animations used in a presentation to launch and promote a new particle monitoring device.


MP Filtri have worked with Adrian and Into Reality over the last two years, Adrian has always been very professional and has delivered great presentations. MP Filtri (UK) Ltd
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Project requirements

To communicate to end users the benefits of choosing the ICM-2. This is a continuous hydraulic fluid contamination monitoring system.

The challenge

To convey, in a visual way, the message that MP Filtri’s products offer an edge over the competition.

The result

A unique series of 3D animations, showing the use of a particle monitoring system, in an hydraulic setup. The system monitors the hydraulic fluid flow and this ensures that any contamination of fluids is quickly identified. The animations were incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation, which is used to explain the features and benefits to potential customers.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • A series of 3D animations

  • Incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation

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