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Glasgow Subway Proposal

A 3D animation illustrating proposed design for new fully automatic subway system

Train design by Design Triangle Ltd


"Continuing to amaze us".

Andy Clark, Design Director, Design Triangle
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Project requirements

A 3D animated presentation to enhance the bid for the design of driverless trains for the Glasgow Subway. This also needed to show the new train arriving at the proposed revamped station.

The challenge

The client was working on a very tight budget and wanted to showcase the new design, whilst containing costs.

The result

To contain costs a 3D animated sequence was created up to the point where the viewer entered the train. The rest of the movement was simulated by zooming into still images, showing highlights of the interior.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • 3D animation

  • Special effects to simulate movement

  • Duration 2 minutes

  • Timescale 4 weeks

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