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Converse Cleara Talk™ 3D animation

3D animation showing how a new medical nasal device is installed and works.


Adrian was able to develop a story board that we could use to explain the medical device workings in a detailed manner very quickly and deploy it using animation to effectively demonstrate the workings of the device. Throughout his communication style was professional and timelines for deliverables were honoured (if not exceeded). If I had such a need again, I would definitely want to work with Adrian again and wholly recommend him. Sanjiv Kanwar - CEO, Converse Healthcare Ltd

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Project requirements

A 3D animated presentation which demonstrates how Cleara Talk™ enables clearer speech.

The challenge

To portray how the product stops air leaving through the nose, and redirects it through the mouth.

The following quote was received from our client during production.

"Just wanted to share with you the absolute joy by the lead speech therapist with whom I shared the last draft file. She was highly complementary of your understanding and expression in the animation. Well done amigo!"

The result

An animation which conveys the benefits of this new medical device, which could help 50 million people worldwide. It demonstrates how the product works and how easy it is to use.

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