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Airbus FLA engine tender

A 3D animation used in a tender to illustrate a proposal for a new turboprop aero engine.

Project requirements

Dowty Aerospace, Rolls Royce and BMW worked in collaboration in a bid to manufacture the next generation of turbo-prop engines. These engines were being developed for the Future Large Aircraft (FLA) replacement for the Lockheed Hercules aircraft.

The challenge

At an early stage in the bidding process only 2D drawings were available. Into Reality was able to create an accurate 3D animated simulation of the engine from the 2D drawings.

The result

3D CAD models of each company’s parts were generated from the 2D drawings. The combined engine was animated to show Airbus how far the project had progressed.

Project solution

Into Reality's package included:-

  • 3D models generated from 2D drawings

  • 3D animation showing the project as it developed

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