3D Medical and Scientific Animations

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Into Reality has been creating successful medical and scientific animations for 29 years. Our strong technical background enables us to grasp difficult principles and to animate these accurately.

Communicate your discovery

3D animations easily convey principles that are impossible to see. This enables you to explain difficult concepts to both technical, and non-technical people. We have flown viewers through the bloodstream and also into space! Animations can include special effects, photographs, video footage, music and a voice-over. The resolution can be HD quality or at 4K.

How we work

We can create animations from your ideas, or we can develop initial sketches. If 3D CAD data is available this can be imported in any format. 3D models can be also produced from 2D drawings.

The development process

An initial storyboard will be developed with you to define your project. We provide lots of opportunities for client interaction. Regular previews will be provided and we can share screens remotely, if this is convenient for you. You will receive a quality service and an animation which will give you an excellent return on your investment.


Every animation is unique and bespoke. The price depends on whether sketches, 2D drawings, or CAD data can be provided. The price will be affected also by the length and complexity of the animation.

We offer creative flair and ideas, excellent value for money, and fixed prices. We are also willing to work within a budget. Please take advantage of our FREE consultation, without obligation.

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3D animation for Kratos 8020 product launch presentation

Kratos 8020 Mass Spectrometer

An animated fly-through produced for the launch of a new compact desk-top spectrometer.

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3D animation of natural antibacterial biomaterial

3D animation of superior natural antibacterial biomaterials

A 3D animation was commissioned for the launch of Oxford Silk Phage Technologies Ltd new website.

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Xerion throat cancer treatment animation

Xerion Healthcare 3D animation

A 3D presentation demonstrated the potential of a new treatment which targets cancer growth, without harming healthy tissue.

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A 3D animated presentation which demonstrates how Cleara Talk™ enables clearer speech.

3D animation showing a new medical nasal device

A 3D animated presentation which demonstrates how Cleara Talk™ nasal device enables clearer speech.

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HexMAT 3D Animation for Imperial College London

HexMAT 3D animation for Imperial College London

The animation illustrates molecular structure research. It explains how titanium components can fail.

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3D animation for Kratos 7090 Mass Spectrometer launch presentation

Kratos 7090 Mass Spectrometer

A 21 minute animation was created for the product launch. This explained the benefits of the new spectrometer.

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You will receive outstanding service and you will have creative involvement throughout the entire development process. This will result in an animation which will give you an excellent return on your investment.